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Real-Time Income Disclosure Statements

MultiLevel Marketing and Network Marketing Companies have long struggled with being labeled as “get rich quick schemes” or accusations of deceptive earnings claims. As a result, MLM companies have gone further and further to try to provide the information necessary to satisfy the public’s need for transparency.

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Enrollment Failure Flagging

MarketPowerPRO provides a robust and powerful set of tools to enable unsurpassed growth of Network Marketing companies. We are constantly working to make our set of tools better than before and we’d like to share with you a recent change to the enrollment process.

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Leaderboards For Your Distributors! 

No matter what sport you’re watching, whether baseball, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, or any other competitive sport there’s always a scoreboard. Why? A necessary component of active competition is information about your competitor’s performance.

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Social Media Profile Linking

How would you like to be able to use the power of your Social Media to connect with visitors of your websites? How about adding links to your Social media from contact pages of your corporate or replicated distributor websites?

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Database Upgrades Coming

Scheduled maintenance is coming to MarketPowerPRO. We will be performing maintenance on our SQLD and SQLC database servers Sunday, July 9th, 2017, 03:00 AM EST.

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MarketPowerPRO Now Supports Stripe

Today, MarketPowerPRO adds another Payment Gateway option to its list of supported Payment solutions; Stripe. Stripe has engineered their platform to let you start accepting payments in less than 10 minutes. Stripe accepts all major credit cards from customers around the world on the web or in mobile apps in 135+ different currencies.

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