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Professional MLM Consulting

Over the past quarter century, Peter Spary has frequently been called upon, often times at the very last minute, to assist with the launch of new companies and help rescue faltering companies by helping bring them back to profitability.

Peter and his team of seasoned professionals often perform complete “face lifts” on the image and missions of companies, enabling them to positively stand out in the highly competitive network marketing industry.

Continuing on this tradition of excellence, Peter provides consulting and support services to existing and start-up companies in the areas of: business forms, graphics and illustration, legal issues, referrals, company “roll out”, “pre-launch”, “fast start programs”, compensation plan development, national and international expansion, distributor training and much more.

Previously featured in the industry magazine MLM NEWS as their “Portrait of a Winner”, Peter also frequently authors articles for numerous MLM publications.

Beyond administration, Peter is also highly familiar with the distributor experience, having served as the top distributor for two different MLM companies. Experience on both the administrative and distributor sides of MLM has provided Peter with the opportunity to learn how to craft solutions that serve both groups successfully without compromising one another.

Peter’s various credentials, coupled with MultiSoft’s many years as a MLM solutions provider, ensures that you are receiving the highest quality consulting possible.

When you need experience and dependability, you need Peter Spary. We are confident that you will benefit from an association with the best network marketing consultant available. . . anywhere, at any price!

The services that Peter offers are some of the finest available in the industry and are competitively priced.

What is Value?

How do you define value? Is value the cheapest item on the shelf or the most expensive? Does it represent a compromise or does it reveal itself in the delight of receiving something for far less than what you know it to be worth?

The answer to the question of value is in large part dependent on what you’re shopping for. If you’re looking for a greeting card to express feelings of the heart, many different cards can help you convey the message. They will all have a nearly equal value. If you’re suddenly in need of a surgeon because you’ve suffered a heart attack, you’ll quickly reassess how you view value. Your focus will be on finding the best surgeon to help with your condition. Value will suddenly take on a whole new meaning to you.

The analogy is apt because you are the heart of your company. You need to be functioning at the highest level possible in order for your company to not just survive but to thrive. Without a doubt, there’s a tremendous value placed on the decisions that you make on a day in, day out basis.

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of your business. When you need assistance kick starting it are you going to pick an intern or first year doctor to administer the jolt or are you going to go with the best surgeon in the field? Think fast – in MLM momentum is everything and you’ve only got a short period of time to make a decision before you flat-line.

Benefits of Choosing Peter Spary

When the life of your business is on the line, Peter Spary can help. He is the definition of value in MLM and offers:

Experience from the distributor, MLM company owner and vendor perspectives.

The ability to travel anywhere, anytime to meet your needs.

Over 30 years in the industry.

CEO of MultiSoft Corporation from 1987 - 2010.

Flat rates and firm quotes.

More than anything else, Peter brings integrity and a dose of common sense to MLM consulting. You wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who states without hesitation:

  Of course I want to learn about a project before quoting it. How in the world can you price a job if you don’t know what it entails?  

With competitors throwing around numbers without first exactly knowing your requirements, the above statement makes a lot of sense!

Attention to detail is what sets Peter apart. The most successful surgeons put time into understanding the symptoms before they diagnose a cure or consider making an incision. Any way that you cut it, there’s real value in that.

Day of Consulting

We understand that part of delivering value is giving you what you need when you need it. Whether you’re launching a new startup or interested in revitalizing your current company, the most important phase of the process is consulting. It’s quite simple – the team that you work with must understand your vision and learn what’s ailing you in order to be able to help.

"Managed Expectations"

Consulting is offered by the day and can be tailored to fit what you need. For example, you may want a fast-track course on MLM or you may only want assistance with a very specific area such as compensation plan design or creative services. You tell Peter where it hurts and he’ll come equipped with the resources and tools to help.

Peter’s services are considered the most cost-effective in the industry. The consulting can occur at our facility or an alternate location, however the client pays travel and expenses as well if the consulting is conducted outside the MultiSoft offices. For those interested in longer periods of time, weekly packages are available at a weekly discounted rate.

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Additional Fee-Based Services


Tele-Mentoring is a service that gives you access to Peter up to twice weekly, for two half hour sessions of private consulting (or one hour if you prefer).

Best of all, you help determine the topic or topics associated with each pre-booked call. Peter fields questions and ideas from those that belong to the service and then discusses the ideas or services in an upcoming call with you. As an example, you may have a question about what types of compensation plans are best suited for which types of products. Notify Peter in advance and he will book a mutually agreeable time to discuss it in depth on a personal call with you.

Peter may from time to time invite additional experts to participate in the calls where appropriate. As an example, MultiSoft Compensation Plan expert may join the conference call to debate technical issues. Tele-Monitoring is available on a month-by-month basis depending upon your needs.

Document Review & Comment

During the course of business, you will create various documents for use within your company – letters, business plans, terms and conditions, etc. MultiSoft can review these for you. The reviews that we provide are for grammatical, relevance and clarity of meaning purposes - you'll enjoy over two decades of MultiSoft's proven experience.

Basic Website

MultiSoft is about more than just industry leading consulting and software. We also have a wealth of experience in design and a graphics team in-house that we can put to work for you.

Each of our MarketPowerPRO systems comes with a free template for you to add your own content to your new portalized website. Or, optionally we can build a 100% custom look and designed website based off your specifications… a site that will be 100% unique to you.

Content Spruce Up

One of the outstanding features of MarketPowerPRO and the website design we will put in place for you, is the ability that you will have to rapidly modify the content of the site. Even better, you don’t need to know any programming languages to do it. Everything is done with point and click ease through our friendly user interface.

Site content can take several different forms. It can be graphics, multimedia presentations, text, etc. We offer “content sprucing and cleanup” (minimum 2 week commitment, 4 week maximum).

Content sprucing is where we take materials that you have produced and present them on your behalf graphically so that they fit the site properly in both style and function. This service does not include MultiSoft creating the content on your behalf. You may be a design guru and not require any assistance at all, however if you do, we’ll be there to help.

Recurring Content Management

Content management differs from sprucing in that management involves only uploading content for you on your behalf as needed. Management does not include reviewing the content in any capacity – we just put it on the site where you instruct us to. If you would like us to review, modify or massage content that you produce, you must utilize the sprucing service.

Recurring content and site management is available at a discounted rate depending upon your needs. It must be pre-paid in advance each month in order to utilize the service.

We can provide you with services and solutions in the following areas:

Industry TermsIndustry Terms
Legal ReferralLegal Referral
Merchant AccountsMerchant Accounts
Domain RegistrationDomain Registration
SSL CertificatesSSL Certificates
Product AcquisitionProduct Acquisition
Email AccountsEmail Accounts<
PCI CompliancePCI Compliance
Companies For SaleCompanies For Sale
International Service DeskInternational Service Desk
Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
Public SpeakingPublic Speaking
Event CoordinationEvent Coordination

And much, much more!