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Change Your Company Terminology Easily

Did you know you can change the terminology used all over your site from a single location?

In MLM and Network Marketing today, we have many different terms for the same things. Between different companies, they may use completely different terms for the exact same roles. Distributors for example, in some companies, they’re referred to as just that. But in others, sometimes they’re “affiliates” sometimes “independent business owners” or “independent sales representatives.”

Because of this, in the MarketPowerPRO MLM platform, there are many places within the system, such as your terms of service or policies and procedures pages, that use what are called “Mail Merge Variables” in place of a specific term. What this means is that in the code, it’s basically a placeholder that is replaced with whatever term the company would like to use when the page is loaded.

These terms can be set very easily in the backend of the system, where they replace that term in every location using that placeholder. This is especially helpful when it comes to reducing the amount of work needed to get your new company’s web pages and software setup and running, or if you decide to change the terminology used by your company at a later date.

To learn more about Mail Merge Variables and how you can change yours, click on the link below!


Guest Orders Linked to Their Distributor

One of the ways that Network Marketing and MLM Websites differ most significantly from your typical e-commerce retail website in that there isn’t just a corporate website, but also replicated websites designed to give credit to the distributor that sent that customer there.

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Lava Lamp Encryption

MultiSoft strives to work with only the latest technologies and partners only with those making use of them. One of those technologies is truly randomized encryption keys based upon the power of lava lamps. Now, I know right now you’re thinking “this must be a joke” however, I assure you it’s the real deal.

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Leaderboards Improved with More Information

If you’ve looked at your leaderboard in the back office in the last few days you may have noticed a change. Leaderboards are a great way to show your distributors where they are in the ‘pack’ so to speak.

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On-Demand and Custom Reports

As any good business person will tell you, reports are important. Reports give you the data you need to make good business decisions without relying strictly upon a “gut feeling”. While there are some reports that are necessary for all businesses, there are also many reports that are custom built for your businesses specific needs.

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Specify Payment Gateway

How Would You Like To Limit Payment Gateways to Specific Transaction Amounts or Ranges? As you’ve more than likely heard us recommend, we frequently tell our clients that when it comes to merchant accounts and payment gateways, they should always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

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Custom Secret Questions

Do you know the answers to your security questions? Security is a major concern these days. It seems every day there’s more news about a system we were previously confident in being hacked or exploited. MultiSoft is constantly working to strengthen the security measures in MarketPowerPRO.

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MLM Season

Are You Ready For The Biggest Time of The Season For MLM? Nope, it’s not Black Friday or Cyber Monday. January 1st is beginning of the MLM Season.

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New & Improved Helpdesk

Have You Seen The New MultiSoft Helpdesk System? You may have noticed recently that the helpdesk system you normally log into to create helpdesk tickets has changed. Today, we’d like to talk a little bit about the changes and what you can expect in the near future. read more…