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Eliminate Multiple Mandatory Purchase Options

As an industry standard, we’ve found that the vast majority of Multilevel Marketing and Network Marketing companies tend to offer multiple options when it comes to distributor enrollments. The names change between companies but the process is largely the same. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, packages that come with different products or distributor kits, etc.

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Custom Attributes With Inventory Data

Do you sell products that come in various sizes and colors, or other variable types, each requiring their own SKU?   Have you ever wanted to limit sales of a product in a specific color, size, or other custom attribute SKU? With a recent update to MarketPowerPRO, you can do that and more.

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Are You Ready To Accept Bitcoin?

Would you like to start accepting Bitcoin Payments?

Recently we’ve been asked lots of questions from our users about how they may accept Bitcoin as a payment method from their customers. Today we’re going to try to answer those questions and show you how to setup BitPay as a payment method on your MarketPowerPRO system.

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MLM Startup Conference October 26-27, 2017

The MLM Startup Conference is Coming! Will you be there?

The MLM Startup Conference is a premier event for new and existing MLM and Network Marketing Companies. The founders and leading keynote speakers of the MLM Startup Conference are staple figures of Network Marketing and Direct Selling, Jeff Babener and Mike Sheffield.

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Let Your Distributors Be A First Line of Support!

Who Provides Your Customer Service?

In Network Marketing, our distributors are our company’s representatives. Distributors aren’t just sales representatives though, they are product spokesmen, and to a degree, they are also customer support.

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Help Your Visitors Find & Become Distributors

Network Marketing is built on the idea of growing your sales force through interactions with existing distributors. As your opportunity grows and spreads through social circles and the media, you’re bound to reach interested people that have no direct connection to your company or an existing distributor.
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Are Special or Featured Products Necessary?

Within any business, there are always going to be times that you want to single out or highlight specific products to increase sales of those items. The question is, does having a featured product display generate additional sales of that item? Absolutely.

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What Do You Do During A Slow Summer?

Prepare To Rock FALL! Summer is time for relaxing in the sun, enjoying the outdoors, taking a hike or spending time on the beach or in the pool, or for many of us, tending to kids out of school. Summer is a great time to relax, but for many industries, Network Marketing included, Summer tends to be slow for sales.

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Customizable Menus with Font Awesome Icons!

You may have already known that your MarketPowerPRO Menus are customizable, but now you can customize not only the menu itself but the look and feel as well with the ability to change the icons associated with each menu item. MarketPowerPRO utilizes the entire Font Awesome (4.7) library of 675 icons!

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Real-Time Income Disclosure Statements

MultiLevel Marketing and Network Marketing Companies have long struggled with being labeled as “get rich quick schemes” or accusations of deceptive earnings claims. As a result, MLM companies have gone further and further to try to provide the information necessary to satisfy the public’s need for transparency.

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Enrollment Failure Flagging

MarketPowerPRO provides a robust and powerful set of tools to enable unsurpassed growth of Network Marketing companies. We are constantly working to make our set of tools better than before and we’d like to share with you a recent change to the enrollment process.

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Leaderboards For Your Distributors! 

No matter what sport you’re watching, whether baseball, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, or any other competitive sport there’s always a scoreboard. Why? A necessary component of active competition is information about your competitor’s performance.

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Social Media Profile Linking

How would you like to be able to use the power of your Social Media to connect with visitors of your websites? How about adding links to your Social media from contact pages of your corporate or replicated distributor websites?

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