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5 Essential Network Marketing Tips:

More than 20 million people in the United States are part of a multi-level marketing company, otherwise known as an MLM, while worldwide, more than 125 million people are involved. The industry is also sometimes referred to as direct sales or networking marketing.

You’ve probably read the statistics that state that 50% of people involved in MLMs drop out in the first year, and many don’t see a return on their investment.  But that doesn’t mean the same for you. If you take networking marketing seriously and follow some of our essential network marketing tips, you’re far more likely to see success.

Are You Ready to Make Your MLM Business Successful?

Treat Your Network Marketing Business Like a Business.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people who run network marketing businesses don’t treat them like real businesses.  Instead, they see it more as a hobby or something they do on the side “for fun.”  If you treated a non-MLM company like this, you wouldn’t find yourself achieving success.

Instead of thinking of it as something you’re doing on the side, think of it as an actual business that will take you to the top. Plan like it’s a real business, invest like it’s a real business, and show your customers and those you’ll potentially “recruit” that you take yourself seriously.

Find Your Target Market

You are often asked to make a profile or target a customer in business. In doing this, you’ll discuss the person’s age, ethnicity, what they do for a living, economic background, educational background, etc. Always do this with your new company.

While the company may have a target product market, you should still do this for yourself.  You may wish to focus on certain types of products for certain types of people or to sell the opportunity to a specific demographic.

This is an excellent exercise in business and helps you narrow the list of people you will be talking to about your products or services and their benefits.

Create a Web Presence for MLM startup

Nowadays, every business needs a web presence, and your MLM startup or company is no different.  You will need to use MLM software features, such as what MultiSoft Corporation provides, specifically designed to create websites, eCommerce / shopping carts, back offices, commission engines, and much more for MLM business owners like yourself.

It would be best if you also created a web presence on social media to help market the items you’re selling, as well as to sell the opportunity. You’ll want to invest in advertising to ensure your web presence reaches the target market.

Do not simply use the MLM company’s website to have your clients purchase items. While most MLM startup do allow you to have your own “shop” where you’ll receive credit for people buying things through you, this URL is often long and convoluted. This makes it difficult for your customers to find you and, in turn, makes it difficult to make sales.  Short, sweet, and geared to your target market is the way to go.

Don’t Rely on Family and Friends for Sales

We all have a friend on social media who constantly posts about their fantastic experience with a particular MLM Startup.  They may post about how great their life is now that they have taken the opportunity, and they may try to make sales through their friends on social media.

This can be incredibly irritating for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, people often go on social media to relax, not to be guilted into purchasing something they don’t want from their friends and family.

Additionally, your social media likely has a wide variety of people you’re connected with.  From your aunt Janet who lives in Wisconsin, to your friends from elementary school who have moved abroad, they’re not all in your target market.  And this is where relationships can become damaged due to network marketing.

While it’s not wrong to post about your success on social media once you’ve achieved it to pique the interest of family and friends, please do not rely on them to make sales.  Many will purchase an item once or twice because they feel bad, but they won’t become long-term or loyal customers, targeting people who want the product or would benefit from the opportunity.

Make Yourself Standout

One of the challenges of an MLM startup, that other business owners don’t face is that thousands of people sell your product.  Why should someone go to you to purchase their items when they could quickly go to their neighbor, grandma, or someone else selling the product?

Ensure that you stand out from the rest.  Take the time to answer the questions of why someone would choose you to purchase an item from. And why would someone choose you to work under to begin their business?  Once you’ve figured this out, you’ll have an easier time marketing.

Your Networking Marketing Journey

These network marketing tips only scratch the surface of what can help you succeed in this business model. Like any business, creating a successful brand will take lots of studying and trial and error. But, if you stick with it and spend the time on it necessary, you can become a success in this industry.

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