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Who Provides Your Customer Service?

In Network Marketing, our distributors are our company’s representatives. Distributors aren’t just sales representatives though, they are product spokesmen, and to a degree, they are also customer support.

In most cases, when it comes to network marketing and multilevel marketing, customers don’t just appear out of nowhere. They found out about the products and the opportunity through an existing distributor. Since that distributor has an existing relationship with the customer, the best person to speak to about any issues they’re having is that distributor.

In MarketPowerPRO powered websites, distributors have their own replicated websites and have the ability to update their websites with their own information on Support pages. For that distributor, it gives them the opportunity to be a first responder for their own customers and ensure an ongoing positive relationship as well as prevent any potential hiccups that could jeopardize their commissions. For the MLM Company, it takes some of the burden off of dedicated customer service staff allowing them to focus on more significant matters.