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MultiSoft’s MarketPowerPRO Platform is now integrated with BigMonkey 3PL (http://bigmonkey3pl.com/)

More about Fulfillment Solutions

BigMonkey provides another way for you to get out of the warehouse and fulfillment management business and concentrate on building your network marketing company. BigMonkey handles fulfilling your orders and delivers your product both domestically and internationally; providing you and your customers with tracking information on their purchases. They will inform you when inventory levels need replenishing and will provide an interface for you to easily track all logistics related to your product shipments.

In order to enable BigMonkey as a MLM fulfillment provider for your own products, you must first contact BigMonkey to setup your account. They will need to know specifics about how you want to configure your SKUs & inventory, as well as determine shipping policies and processes. Once this is done, your setup within MarketPowerPRO is very simple and requires only 6 pieces of data, all of them will be supplied by BigMonkey (3PL Key, ID, Login, Password, FacilityId, and CustomerId).

If you have any questions, please contact your account executive!

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