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Is Your Company PCI Compliant? If Not You Could Face Huge Fines!

We now offer McAfee® PCI Compliance Service, a simplified and easy-to-use system that is optimized for Level 2, 3, and 4 merchants that need to successfully complete all requirements for PCI certification. Only $99/yr. – a 65% saving!

The Payment Card Industry mandates IT security compliance for all merchants that process credit cards. McAfee® PCI Compliance Service is an easy-to-use system designed for smaller merchants that need to be PCI certified. It includes state-of-the art scanning, complete remediation and technical support, an online self-assessment questionnaire, and a PCI Wizard to help manage compliance activities. Click Here for a Free PCI Certification Service.

As a merchant collecting payment either online or offline for products and services sold, you have likely received one or more notifications from your merchant account provider regarding PCI compliance.  PCI stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”.  Simply put, it is a set of data security regulations established by Visa/MasterCard and now accepted as a standard for managing, handling and protecting payment related data.  Originally developed by the credit card industry for the purpose of protecting cardholder data, the regulations have been adopted on a larger scale for securing any sensitive data held by your company (including ACH/checking information).

If you handle, process or view credit card or checking data, you are required to be PCI compliant.

Please be aware that MultiSoft cannot make you PCI compliant or fill out PCI compliance paperwork on your behalf. Software provided to you by MultiSoft is configured to meet PCI compliance standards. Visa/MasterCard does from time to time make alterations to the compliance standards. If vulnerabilities with a MultiSoft designed and maintained site or software application are discovered, send a copy of the vulnerability report to and we will remediate the vulnerability.

There are a number of vendors who specialize in helping companies attain PCI compliance. The PCI compliance vendor that MultiSoft works with is ScanAlert. Should you choose to use ScanAlert’s services, you can receive a discount when referred by MultiSoft. Additional information on ScanAlert can be gathered by visiting MultiSoft Corporation and ScanAlert.

If you need to validate your compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard (or are looking for an easier way to do it than last time), we’ve got a great new offer for you.

Through our relationship with McAfee, Inc., you get access to a complete PCI compliance service using technology McAfee originally developed for Visa International. Sign up through us and pay only $99/year – a 65% saving off McAfee’s regular price!

McAfee® PCI Compliance Service is a simplified, easy-to-use system optimized for smaller merchants (Level 2-4) that need to successfully complete PCI requirements. It includes:

Tens of thousands of organizations–large and small–around the world trust McAfee to audit their initial and ongoing PCI compliance status. You’ll find McAfee’s system highly accurate and their customer support second to none (except ours, of course!).

  • Automated state-of-the-art scanning
  • Online self-assessment questionnaire
  • McAfee Technical Assist (extensive technical support)
  • PCI Wizard to help manage compliance activities
  • Reporting options to deliver compliance reports directly to your merchant bank

Some of our customers have been happily using McAfee for several years and we encourage you to take advantage of this offer. For more information, or to sign-up, Click Here.