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Although this was released a few months ago, it was not implemented and provided to MultiSoft clients until we knew it was working 100% as WordPress code tends to update often.  Additionally, we wanted to officially make the MarketPowerPRO Plugin available in the WordPress community. MultiSoft is proud to officially release a custom built WordPress Blog Replicator for use with the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software System.

Which it now is at https://wordpress.org/plugins/marketpowerwp/.

This plugin communicates with the MarketPowerPRO web services API to be used in your WordPress site and provide your distributors with a replicated WordPress blog site that you the company control so now you can use the power of a WordPress blog with the power of MarketPowerPRO with actual distributor replication.  This means, if your distributor has the replicated website address of http://tom.yourdomain.com they can also have the replicated blog site of http://tom.blog.yourdomain.com that will carry all of their branding including name, phone, email, social media, etc. as well as connect from the replicated WordPress blog back to their replicated MarketPowerPRO site thus providing seamless integration between the two.  Watch for more WordPress plug-in’s from MultiSoft and MarketPowerPRO in the coming year – a couple of inspiring ones that will expand the capabilities of MarketPowerPRO.


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MLM WordPress Blog Replicator